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Geordie McAdam Open Mic Sessions

Geordie McAdam and Annie Staninec

Calling all musicians! We're welcoming any new musicians and festival lovers who like to play bluegrass music, old-time music and vintage country music to play at Bluegrass Omagh 2024. 

When: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May from 13:30 to 17:00

Perform a 30 minute session at the Geordie McAdam Open Mic Stage, American Street across the Saturday and Sunday afternoon. We're hosting the Geordie McAdam Open Mic Sessions over the festival weekend in memory of one of the finest old-time fiddlers from this part of the world. 

Listen to the talented bluegrass musicians from near and far as they pick n' bow n' strum 'n sing for the passing crowds in the Wheelwrights Shed - the place where Geordie created many magical memories with musical friends across three decades. 

Want to perform? 

There is no additional fee for musicians participating in the Geordie McAdam Open Mic Sessions. Performance slots are limited on both days and will be filled on a first come basis. 

If you are interested in booking one of those performance slots then just send an email to and write Bluegrass Festival Open Mic Sessions in the subject heading.