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Spinning Yarns and Tall Tales

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Do you know any tall tales or have you ever sat and spun a yarn?  This engaging, sensory-based learning session will allow pupils to do just that as they visit the Weaver’s cottage for an interactive storytelling session.  Learn about the tradition of storytelling and how the Spinner passed the long hours at the spinning wheel singing and telling stories.  Settle around the hearth and help out by teasing the wool, carding the fleece and making ‘lamb’s tails’ ready for spinning, just as children would have done in the past.  Pupils will be encouraged to join in with some well-known songs and rhymes as they work. Once they have prepared all the fleece they can listen to some tall tales and fairy stories as the spinning wheel whirrs. Join in with a song to bring your session to an end. 

This immersive, active learning session supports Language and Literacy in the NI curriculum and is facilitated by our Education Team.  Children will be encourage to share their observations and ideas throughout. 

Key Activities:

  • Handling objects
  • Carding wool
  • Song and rhyme
  • Interactive storytelling

Key Stage: Foundation, KS1, Primary SEND

Available to book: 5th February 2024 to 29th March 2024