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Pop to the Shops

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It’s a busy day in the Campbell House and Mrs Campbell needs some help with her shopping! Your class will pick up their shopping list and make their way to Shipbouy Street with its original Irish shop fronts. Pupils will work together to decide what shops they must visit in order to complete Mrs Campbell’s list.

Spot the original advertising signs and look in the shop windows to see what clues they might give us.   Which shop will we need to visit to purchase some tea, and what does Mr Murray the Draper sell? Discover how people bought and paid for their groceries in the past and what type of goods and services were on offer. Make sure everything has been ticked off the list before popping into Mountjoy Post Office to see if there are any parcels for the Campbell family. This session supports Numeracy at Foundation and KS1 in the NI curriculum and will provide opportunities for pupils to explore, investigate and make decisions in a unique immersive learning environment that will stimulate curiosity about the world around them.

Key Activities:

  • Exploring mystery parcels 
  • Measuring ribbon and counting buttons 
  • Weighing tea and sugar
  • Wrapping packages
  • Paying for purchases

Key Stage: Foundation, KS1

Available to book: 4th September 2023 to 31st May 2024