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Flight from Famine

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Be transported back to a time of hunger, poverty and emigration through this interactive, immersive learning experience and explore what life was like in rural Ireland before the Famine. Pupils will uncover the devastating changes brought about by the arrival of Potato Blight, and examine the social, environmental and political issues which contributed to the Famine and Famine-era emigration.  They will share in the experience of thousands of migrants before them as they gather their bundles and make their way from our original famine-era cottage to the departing ship and the hope of a new and prosperous life in a new world.  Pupils will make decisions about what precious items from our collections they will choose to take on their journey.

Throughout the session, your class will be encouraged to differentiate between the causes and effects of the famine, evaluate the success of relief methods and identify the push and pull factors which contributed to emigration during this period. Flight from Famine will provide opportunities for pupils to connect their learning with previous knowledge, particularly those who are studying the novels Under the Hawthorn Tree or The Wildflower Girl.

Key activities:

  • Role play
  • Lazy beds and sensory exploration
  • Schoolhouse 
  • ‘Tickets and bundles’ group work
  • Boarding ship

Key Stage: 2

Available to book: 4th September 2023 to 28th June 2024.