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Campbell House

Ulster: Map location 9

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Campbell House

This was once the home of the Campbell family from Plumbridge, County Tyrone. It was built in 1786 by Hugh Campbell. Two of his sons, Hugh and Robert, emigrated to America around 1818. Robert would become a famous fur trapper, a successful businessman and a close friend of United States President Ulysses S. Grant.

The Campbells were minor landlords - they owned some land and also rented land from major land owners. Of the two stone plaques above the front door, one bears Hugh's name and the date of construction and the other has the coat of arms of the Dukes of Argyll, showing that the Campbells of Aughalane claimed to be kin with the Campbells of Argyll.

The Ulster American Folk Park acquired the house in 1985 when it was due for demolition. The modern slate roof was replaced by thatch to show its original 1786 appearance. Both its architecture and the stories associated with it make Aughalane House an important building.

Take a look at the walls. They are over half a metre thick and full of small stones collected from the land. Opposite the fire is a court cupboard with the date of 1641. It might have been a wedding gift. These impressive pieces were placed where they could be seen by visitors.