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Ulster American Folk Park shop
O'Doherty's Shop
Pay a visit to O ’Doherty’s shop for a quarter of traditional sweets weighed out in the old fashioned way with traditional ounce weights! Choose your favourite - will it be strawberry bonbons or fudge? T William George O ‘Doherty opened his business in 1871 as a grocery and public house. From these humble beginnings, WG (as he was known by the locals) and his family built a renowned business. WG imported food from all over the world, including tea, sugar, dried fruit, and spices for the locals to enjoy.
American General Store
Historically the General Store was an essential part of settler community life. Our working shop aims to recreate the experience and gives you the chance to purchase something special to bring home. The General Store would have been a lifeline to families trying to make a new life in isolated parts of their new homeland. The shop would have supplied goods of all types including coffee, tea, molasses, maple sugar, tobacco ploughs, scythes, baskets, cooking utensils, fabrics, ribbons, buttons, thread, needles and tape.
Gift Shop
The main Ulster American Folk Shop is located in the Admissions area of the museum, and you’re free to come and visit without purchasing admission into the museum. The shop offers a wide selection of books, gifts, souvenirs and some fantastic hand make local crafts in partnership with the Omagh Craft Collective.