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Bluegrass Festival Choir | Bluegrass Omagh 2024

Watch Bluegrass Festival Choir at Bluegrass Omagh 2024

Bluegrass Festival Choir

The Bluegrass Festival Choir has its roots in the Natural Voice Network. Its guiding principle is that everyone can sing, regardless of musical experience or professional training.

Originally led by Valerie Whitworth, in recent years the choir has been facilitated by Sarah Garden, a passionate Natural Voice practitioner. The group has attracted singers from Tyrone, Fermanagh and the Border Counties.

All songs are taught by ear and sung a cappella, with the focus firmly placed on having fun and building friendships through music. Their set will deliver a blend of Bluegrass, Gospel and Blues song, all performed in three- or four-part harmony.

Watch Bluegrass Festival Choir at Bluegrass Omagh 2024!