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Black History Month Curator-Led Tour

Take a curator led tour of Ulster American Folk Park to mark Black History Month

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A murmurations sculpture at Ulster American Folk Park
Sunday 15th October
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Time: 14:00 to 16:00 

We're marking Black History Month with a curator-led talk and tour of the Folk Park, looking at the interactions between Ireland, Irish migrants and African American enslavement in the USA. 

This curator led tour will explore the demand for slave plantation products in Ireland, such as tobacco, cotton, and sugar, and tell the stories of Ulster migrants featured in our museum, many of which involved enslaved people. 

Learn about the different attitudes to slavery in Ireland and how these changed when migrants arrived in America. Look our for tobacco growing - one of the first reasons people were enslaved in North America. The tour will finish at the Rogan House which was originally part of a plantation and brought over to the Folk Park brick by brick from Tennessee. 

This tour is part of general admission. Please feel free to arrive early for a walk around the museum before you tour. Book your ticket through the link.