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Viper Central

Vancouver, Canada

Viper Central with Jack Garton

Expect virtuosic chops on the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo and dobro from this energetic band as they rip through classic and original bluegrass pieces at barn-burning tempos. Although, the thing that makes this band truly unique and exciting, is how far they're able to wander from their home as a bluegrass band, turning the genre on its ear, while remaining true to their roots. 

As a group of young friends who joined forces in their 20s to shake up the BC bluegrass scene, Viper Central gained a reputation as an excellent bluegrass band at festivals throughout western Canada. They quickly took to the road, touring the west coast of the United States, UK, and continental Europe, half a dozen times. A decade later, the group has found a maturity and confidence in their sound.

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