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Truffle Valley Boys


Truffle Valley Boys

Formed in 2014, the Truffle Valley Boys have placed themselves at the forefront of the Bluegrass music scene in Europe. They perform authentic Bluegrass in the most uncompromising way, around a single microphone, using period instrumentation, with the utmost attention to musical and aesthetic details, a fiery drive and a healthy dose of good-natured entertainment!

Travelling thousands of miles each year to headline major festivals and events, the band has won unanimous approval all over Europe for their live performances. Their records have received worldwide airplay and enthusiastic reviews on publications like Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Today...the Boys are even featured in a permanent exhibition at the Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame And Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky! The Truffle Valley Boys' show is a real throwback to era gone by, and their music is a tribute to the genuine, raw and powerful sounds of the more obscure regional Bluegrass acts of the 1950s...full steam ahead. 

Catch the Truffle Valley Boys at Bluegrass Omagh 2023 and find out more about them here.